Your business name is really important in online marketing and identity. Because every brand name represents a unique concept to the business.

How to name your business in the internet

As you know a brand name cannot be change also you will be using the same logo and name of your business inside the internet world, but will you get the exact domain name while registering website name online? The answer is No.

Yes you may not get the exact name of your business while registering domain name because there are millions of names already purchased especially the .com extentions. So what can be done. The only thing you can do is finding an attractive website name with best suitable extension.

For example, consider your clinic is located in the US and its official name is “Allen’s Clinic”, you can search the .com domain anyways, but what if its only located in USA and you want to give a country identity to it, then the suitable domain name will be “”

That’s why its important while name your business online.

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